A student of dance since the age of six, Julie "Huriyyah" Wright studied ballet, pointe, tap and jazz for nine years.  Huriyyah was introduced to bellydance by her older sister and former Bellydance Superstar Desert Rose, Yasmine.  Huriyyah quickly became Yasmine’s protégé in late 2001 at age fifteen.  Since then, she grew up performing professionally as an original member of The Magic-Hips Dancers and the Carolina Renaissance Festival’s Jewels of the Caravan for 12 years.  Huriyyah is honored to join The Roses of the Realm for the 2017 season of The Carolina Renaissance Festival.


Over the course of her career, Huriyyah has performed with her sister, dance sisters, and as a soloist at numerous dancer showcases, public and private events, charities, restaurants, and clubs throughout the southern U.S. Huriyyah has taken workshops from renowned instructors such as: Ansuya, Ava Fleming, Aziza, Bozenka, Issam Houshan, Jillina, Kaeshi Chai, Karim Nagi, Mahmoud Reda, Mohamed Shahin, Petite Jamilla, Rachel Brice, Sadie, Sonia Ochoa, Suhaila Salimpour, Zarah Zuhair, and more!


Huriyyah has always been fascinated by different cultures, and set out to learn everything she could not only about the multitude of dance movements, but about the origins and evolution of Bellydance as well.  She has written essays and given presentations to elementary, high school, and college audiences to help spread knowledge of this ancient yet ever-evolving art form.


Wanting to spread the love of Bellydance, Huriyyah has taught bellydance classes, private lessons, workshops, and is the director of her student troupe, Carolina Treasure.


"You are a beautiful dancer. Your moves are precise and defined. As an instructor, you teach with a complete knowledge of the dance and with clarity so the student knows what you want them to learn." -Louise Cafeo

"As an instructor you are prepared with a well structured class that provides a good workout and challenges. You are also open to student personal growth needs and can tailor a workout on the spot. You are wonderful to share space with and fun! As a performer you are captivating!" - Cyndi Arnold

"I enjoyed your teaching - you made it easy for someone like me (who did not come to dance naturally) to remember what to do and how to do it. You gave me gentle guidance, you were very patient with me, and you named small groups of movements in such a way that they were fun to remember (windsheild wipers still comes to mind, all these years later!)! I'm grateful that you were part of my early training!"

- Ellen Morrissey

"As a performer, the grace of ballet flows perfectly alongside intensity. I love watching you dance because the sass is strong with you on stage!"

- Sarah Hahn

"A pleasure to see in the line up. You always deliver a captivating performance. Dancing style is so well blended with interpretation of the music." - Sandy Wolfe

"A natural and a professional to the core with amazing grace and sweetness."

- Michelle Middleton

"Graceful and beautiful! Very elegant. Sassy kind of classy."  - Destiny Behringer


Huriyyah featured as Today's Woman in The Lancaster News! Click Here to go to article!

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